dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Northrop N9M jet engined, the full kit on its way

The N9M jet Sharkit conversion from the Sword kit was released in 2010.
This conversion was engines to fit on the Sword N9M.
This conversion is not available anymore.
The kit page on the Sharkit site.

The next N9M Jet release will be a complete/full kit, so ne need for the Sword;

The central part will be larger than the original N9M one.

samedi 7 décembre 2013

Northrop N9 V2 US AIR FORCE

Color, below: drawing in toshop, step by step:
Black and white is a good def sheet for the ones who want to draw there own camo and markings, clic on it to download

What-if kit: Northrop N9 Jet

This conversion kit is available.

Northrop N9 Jet conversion kit, step by step.

Comments to come...

XB35 three view drawing

XB35 traditional drawing, with real paint and pencils. The XB35 is drawn 1/72 scale, complete with three views, front, top, side. More of this kind here

Fiction Northrop flying wing...

Detail from an old comic I did years ago.

Northrop N9 V2